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When a person realizes that they have a substance abuse or addiction problem, this is the first step in a long journey towards recovery. While you may think that all addiction recovery programs are the same, this is not the case. Addiction recovery programs vary in their approaches and in the therapies that they offer. Call Drug Treatment Centers Fayetteville today at (910) 401-2534.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The cognitive behavioral model of addiction recovery focuses primarily upon uncovering and treating the root causes of substance dependence and on understanding the learned behaviors that contribute to and trigger addictive behaviors. Patients learn the skills and steps to change those behaviors that contribute to drug abuse and that cause other mental and emotional health problems that can occur at the same time as substance abuse.

Individual therapy is focused on delving into the patient’s history of addiction, their own unique behaviors that contribute to their addictive habits, and any mental health disorders they may have along with their substance abuse problem. Group therapy, on the other hand, allows patients to relate to others going through the same struggles, share their stories with others in a safe, non-judgmental environment, and build relationships with their peer group.

Motivational Interviewing

The motivational interviewing model of addiction recovery is a model in which the patient’s therapist or counselor becomes their cohort or ally in the recovery process. The collaborative environment helps those recovering addicts who have issues with authority figures or trusting relationships of any kind to recover from addiction, still deal with their issues, and rebuild trust with other people.

Individual therapy is perhaps the most prevalent therapeutic technique used in the motivational interviewing. The major tenants of this type of therapy are optimism and empathy.

Motivational Incentives

The motivational incentives model of addiction recovery takes a different approach to addiction treatment and recovery. This model uses incentives or rewards to help a person to abstain from alcohol or drugs. These incentives are often tangible items such as movie tickets, food vouchers or the like, for completing certain elements of the treatment process such as going to counseling sessions or participating in group therapy.

The motivational incentives model can be used in virtually any treatment program or environment to help encourage patients to participate in the various therapeutic options. If a person is resistant to participating in art therapy (a form of treatment in which patients create artwork or poetry to express their emotions and cope with their addictive behaviors), they may get a voucher for free movie tickets for attending and participating in a certain number of art therapy sessions. Incentive programs work best for patients who have difficulty being motivated by abstract goals such as good health or improved mental acuity. They need physical rewards to motive them, at least early on in treatment.

At Drug Treatment Centers Fayetteville, we work closely with patients to make sure they are receiving the appropriate level of care. Our customized treatment plans are designed to fit each person’s individual needs. Call Drug Treatment Centers Fayetteville today at (910) 401-2534 to find out more about how we can help you start living a healthier, drug-free life.

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