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Medical Detox Fayetteville

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Medical detox is one of the most important steps in the addiction recovery process. Medical detox is the process of ridding the body of the harmful toxins produced by drugs and alcohol, while under the direct supervision of doctors and nurses. This is due to the uncomfortable, and sometimes, painful symptoms of withdrawal. Drug Treatment Centers Fayetteville provides patients with the medical expertise, high quality care, encouragement and support to help them get through the medical detox process as safely and comfortably as possible. Call Drug Treatment Centers Fayetteville today to find out more about our treatment programs at (910) 401-2534.

Why Is Home Detox Dangerous?

When a person is addicted to a drug, it is not just an emotional or mental addiction. The person also develops a physical dependence on the drug. This means that their internal body chemistry has changed, and in order to feel certain positive feelings (euphoria, relaxation, and the like), the body craves and needs that drug.

Because the internal functioning of the body has become so dependent upon that chemical substance, it will react in painful and extreme ways when it is deprived of the drug. Because there is no guarantee of whether a person will experience only minor withdrawal symptoms or more serious ones, it can be extremely risky for a person to attempt the process at home rather than with medical supervision. Life-threatening withdrawal symptoms require immediate medical treatment, and without the aid of an expert medical team, the addict’s health can quickly decline, and even lead to death.

What Are Some Of The Withdrawal Symptoms Experienced During Detox?

While some withdrawal symptoms are common to nearly every detox situation, some depend on the specific substance of abuse. So, get to know some of the withdrawal symptoms of different addictive drugs.

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

When a person is addicted to heroin, the withdrawal symptoms can be quite extreme. Heroin withdrawal symptoms can include cold sweats, fever, extreme cramping and pain, increased heart rate, and lowered blood pressure.

Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Cocaine withdrawals can have some similarities to heroin withdrawals. Common symptoms are aches, pains, and chills. Other symptoms include exhaustion, depression, difficulty concentrating, and shaking or tremors.

OxyContin Withdrawal Symptoms

OxyContin is a prescription medication that is legal when prescribed for pain by a doctor, but to which people often develop an addiction. Withdrawal symptoms to OxyContin include extreme abdominal pain, nausea, elevated heart rate, sweating, and even hot and cold flashes.

How Does Detox Fit Into A Larger Treatment Plan?

Detox alone will not make a person break their addiction. In fact, detox by itself with no other treatment protocols is almost always unsuccessful at ending a drug dependence. Instead, detox needs to be the initial step in a larger treatment plan. Detox gets the drug out of your system, and breaks you of your physical dependency on the drug. Once that occurs, recovery and rehabilitation can occur.

Once you have completed the medical drug detox program at Drug Treatment Centers Fayettville, you will then transition to attending individual and group therapy sessions, learn coping strategies, and learn how to pursue and maintain sober living. Treatment can also include art therapy to express emotions, equine therapy to rebuild trust and emotional awareness, and chiropractic care to address the physical effects an unhealthy lifestyle from drug addiction that lingers on.

As you can see, medical detox is an important concept to recognize and understand in the drug addiction recovery process. So, keep these facts in mind if you or anyone you know is suffering from a drug addiction. Call Drug Treatment Centers Fayetteville today at (910) 401-2534 if you need treatment for your addiction.

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